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These are comments from our satisfied saltwater enthusiasts who have enjoyed the hospitality and tranquility
of Knoll's Landing.


Great fishing!

Mike & Roger
Melbourne, Florida


After finishing the last indoor sports show for the season and being barricaded off the landings on the mighty Miss, it was time for the Skeeter Boat Center Team to throw a change up and head south for some warm weather reel screaming adventures with Dave Marquart, myself and good friend Tom Nepper.

Destination: North Andros Bahamas

...For some fly fishing action chasing Bonefish on the gin clear salt flats that are known as the Bonefish Capital of the World. With a quick transfer in Atlanta it was on to Nassau then on to a small prop plane to jump over to Andros.

Arriving at our destination Knoll's Landing and greeted by our host Diane Knoll. She made it her top priority to cater our stay with the best hospitality possible. We quickly unpacked and geared up for some casting practice out on the beach before our adventure the next day.

At sunrise the next AM we were greeted by our guide Rodney Miller, known as the Andros Angler. Being a charter captain/guide myself, I knew that he was on his game by putting us on the right flats all day with the sunlight, breeze and rising tide at our backs to have the best shot at fooling these wiley flats rockets.

It soon was clear when the roving packs of fish started mowing up the salt flat like a flock of geese headed south for the winter that we were gonna have some game on here. Literally hundreds of fish to a pack moving towards us throughout the trip. After having several bonefishing trips prior to this one, I knew that it just was not gonna be as easy as you may think. Fishing in ankle deep crystal clear water with 5 foot lemon sharks following you all day makes these fish more nervous than a school girl a month after prom. They had a sense of knowing exactly how far our rookie casting skills could drop that fly and any closer and it was like a hand-grenade exploding when the fly landed on their approach.
After several stalks and mistakes we were able to fool some that were not as shy to the fly. Hooking up on one of these flats rockets will have you 150 yards into your backing in about .5 seconds and its off to the races with a screaming drag that's approaching a nuclear meltdown.

When the day ended we were greeted at the dock by Diane with ice cold local brews to chill the 90+ degree heat and some R&R til the following day.

Our guide Rodney had us on all the right flats throughout the trip to keep our reels smoking til the end of our stay. A great trip to cure those river blues til the spring floods recede on the mighty Miss.

Thanks to Diane at Knoll Landing and our guide Rodney Miller for a trip of a lifetime. We have our next trip planed in December 2011.

See ya on the water!
Greg Rudisill - Minnesota



Diane, the perfect hostess, Rodney, the perfect guide. Knolls Landing the perfect setting. All added up to make the perfect father son fishing experience of a life time.  Thanks so much

Dave and John






Bonefishing North Andros at the Knoll’s Landing Facility...

Looking out of the window of the two engine Cessna I was mesmerized by the miles and miles of gin clear skin deep water that my son Victor and I were flying over. As we neared the runway the shadow of the plane was sending schools of fish fleeing for their lives and I could not help but think that these schools of fish that were our targeted species of this trip, Bonefish.

Victor who works at the fly rod counter at Cabalas in Glendale, Arizona is a Sage fly rod proformer was straight out of the trout streams and there with me to sample his first taste of bonefishing.

There is no better place in the world to do this type of fishing than Andros Island in the Bahamas.
Andros is known as the “Bonefish Capital of the World” & North Andros is where you fish the Joulter Cays & Bonefish World for those Big fellows.

I was to be the guest of Diane Knoll and her on premise guide Rodney Miller known as the “Andros Angler”, who runs a flats guide service from their operation of “Knoll’s Landing Bonefishing & Family Resort”.

Diane is a very gregarious woman who has hosted this type of fishing now for many years and after we were settled into a very lovely Bahamian house saturated in bonefishing lore and books and such, we were told of the upcoming days events by Diane and Rodney. That evening Victor and I relaxed and read book after book of local and general knowledge books on bonefishing to aide in tomorrow’s adventure. I barely slept at all that night and before I knew it the birds were chirping to greet the first rays of a clear and dead still day.

The sun was peeking out of the pine trees as Rodney waded out to his 17’ Silver King Flats boat with his Fly Case and coffee in his hand. The boats are moored to permanent moorings to offset any dock damage due to the frequent use of the boat when the wind blows there from the West. We were fortunate that morning as it was dead still. With the no see -ums reminding me there was no wind we quickly left them little biters in the dust and were soon skimming over glass covered flats that held legions of flats dwellers that spooked out of our way. The skiff was a nicely sized rig and had a 115 Evinrude Ocean Pro motor that soon had us miles away from our starting point.

I saw no other fishermen or boats of any kind the entire time that we were there and it was almost like we were in our own world. Slowly we came off plane and idled for about 150 yards or so until Rodney slipped into the water and slowly pushed us along. We eased up to a sand spit and quietly waited for a few minutes.

All of us peering into a glass surfaced flat that stretched in all directions "there". Rodney said as he pointed with his fingers "You and Victor walk in this direction and wait for them to come to you". Victor and I eased out of the skiff into bath water that slapped at our shin and slowly we shuffled out to meet the area of water that was quivering nervously “Bonefish” and there was literally an acre of them slowly feeding and happily splashing in our direction and I felt myself crouching down way too early. Victor fished with his 8 weight fly rod and had it matched with a reel that was loaded with 30 pound gel spun backing that had 350 yards attached to it and had a floating line that was connected to a 9 foot tapered bonefish leader that had a 12 pound test tippet. I was using a larger 9 weight rod and also had the same fly reel set up as he had. We both had on a Crazy Charlie fly that Victor had tied and soon we were false casting in order to get our flies out and ahead of the approaching school of fish. We both let our flies settle 10 yards or so in front of the approaching school and when they were on top of our flies both of us slowly stripped the line in small 6 inch strips until we felt a strike and almost at once we were both hooked into a bonefish.

As the school panicked and sped for the nearest horizon we looked at each other for a moment and holding rods high each went off in a different direction to help gain line being lost by the yard as we splashed along in vain. Within several minutes I had my fish in control as the nine weight slowly and steadily tired out my fish and Victor had a larger fish on a smaller outfit and he was happily getting extended play time when I released my first Bahamian-bonefish. I soon became aware of 4 foot brown shadows that were lurking behind the bonefish schools like cowboys following cattle. These shallow water bullies had other intentions for our fly hooked bones and soon it became evident that we had to play the fish harder than wished in order to keep our fish from being added to the menu by the lurking lemon sharks. In fact one shark was so bold that I had to literally kick him out of the way when I was releasing my bonefish. Rodney told us that the sharks are always there and if we should break our fish off before the shark catches him to save the bonefish.

Soon we became quite good at catching the bones in fast mode and never lost a single fish to the lurking genus brothers.... In fact we took a 12 weight rod with wire and had great fun with the sharks on fly as they were eager biters and we soon knew exactly where to look for them each time a school of bonefish approached. We were there for bones but the shark on fly program had its moments. Rodney carried the extra rod and reel for the moments when sharks became a viable target. It was a fine system we had going indeed.

Wading along we soon discovered that the flats were not so flat. There were numerous holes created by bonefish "blowing out the sand" to flush crabs out of hiding and areas that rays and other critters had plowed under. Also, the sand was soft in some places and rock hard in others which made us look like two uneven legged waders plodding along in the shallows. Rodney suggested that we shuffle our feet in order to avoid stepping on a sand covered ray. Both Victor and I wore wading shoe booties. The booties were nice to wear but filled with marl and sand too frequently and made wading uncomfortable. I opted for socks that were rubber banded at the top to keep sand out and an old pair of sneakers.

Rodney would walk to one side or the other and was easily the best spotter. Victor and I learned quickly what to look for when it comes to tell-tale bonefish signs. Pushes or V wakes were the easiest to spot. Lay ups (where fish is simply still) were the hardest to see as their mirrored sides reflect the surroundings and make them very hard to pick out. They truly are the ghosts of the flats as many times we were literally too close to shoot a fly to them before we saw them. That was not an issue though as we saw thousands of bonefish in our short 2 day stay there.

Both days we were ushered off the water by sudden pop up storms that quickly turned the calm flats into a sheet of wave washed opaque water with no visibility. We hull slapped back to the dock each day with quite a few bonefish taken on fly and so thrilled to see and hook that many fish on fly. Walking back to the house along a conch shell lined path we were told to put our shoes in a water basin placed near the back door and to relax the rest of the day in our lovely accommodations at Knoll’s Landing.

Hours quickly passed as Rodney, Victor and I re-examined each special moment of the morning and watched and learned as Rodney taught us new knots and showed us his favorite flies for various conditions and time flew by each day until our time at the brass ring was over.

If anyone is interested in bonefishing in an area that is too beautiful for words and you are either a beginner or an advance fly caster then Knoll’s Landing is a place that ranks as one of my top trips. Going there with my son was even more special and watching him hook and land his first bonefish is a memory that cannot be given a dollar amount.

You can contact Rodney or Diane at www.knollslanding.com and set up a trip of a lifetime to catch these magnificent ghostly fighters of the flats .Fly rod or spin fishing for these speedsters is as good as it gets there. Combine that fishing with top of the line accommodations and a really patient and knowledgeable flats guide and a consummate host and you will become a regular there I promise. I know that I am.

Joe Suroviec - Arizona


Hi I'm Elly from Holland. I have been going to Knoll's Landing for the past 5 years for my 3 week vacation with my sister Maria. I can not tell you how beautiful it is, you just have to see for yourself. The landscape with its tall Cocanut Palm trees, beautiful plant, walk ways lined with conch shells to the beach & the cristel clear waters will take you beath away. The accommodation are really wonderful with open beam ceiling & great view from all three accommodation. The have AC but the Ceiling fans are all we have ever needed. While we are there we love to go snorkeling, kayaking & walking the empty beaches "shelling" & having cock'tail out on the Dock in the evening breeze. Love seeing the Sunrise & Sunsets. But most of all meeting up with Rodney Miller "Andros Angler" the Bonefish Guide at Knoll's Landing. It has been a new experence for us to learn how to Bonefish out to the Joulter Cays & Bonefish World on his beautiful 17' Silver King Flats Boat. The Flats go on for miles and miles with some small cays to have lunch on and explore. We had never bonefished before and we are hooked for life. Rodney is a great teacher and a wonderful guide. We always see hunderds of Bonefish and are now able to catch them up real well. As for Diane Knoll, what a host & friend she has become. She is there for your every need. We feel like this is our second home.This year we were there in Feb and now coming again in July. We travel a long disence, but once you are there it's all worth while.Many Thank to Diane & Rodney for shareing there peace of Paridise with us, can't wait to get back, see you soon again.

Elly and Maria - Holland


If you like to CATCH bonefish you will not find a better place to go than Knoll's Landing. If you like to be pampered as well you will love this place. Diane Knoll runs an absolutly first class operation. The accomodations are wonderful, stunning views of the peaceful sound and only steps from the beach. Rodney Miller is not only a fun person to fish with he is a first class guide. This man has "eyes". He will put you on the fish, he knows how to position the boat for fly fisherman. For me wading and casting to schools of bone fish is as good as
it gets. Rodney will take you to "bone fish world" where you will have the time of your life doing just that. We had double headers going at one point. If you have not had enought fishing at the end of the day Rodney will drop you off on a flat where you can expect to see bones as you fish your way back to the resort along a beautiful beach or he might decide to join you for some fun fishing. Rodney loves to fish. I look forward to a return visit .

Burl lane - Wilmette Illinois.

Owners Response: Burl Lane was a delite to have as our Guest. He and Rodney had a great time Bonefishing. Got lots of Bones in our new spot called "Burl's Bonefishing Hole" They were out for 4 days from morning until.. We hope to see you and your friends soon. Rodney says, "Next time will go for the big game fish Tarpon & Permits" Thanks for the great Photos & your Friendship. Diane & Rodney (your fishing buddy)



Bones and More!

Pat Moorhead & Steve Francis - Island Lake, Illinois, USA.
Date Submitted: November 17, 2008 Date of Stay: June 2008

This was my 3rd time at Knoll's Landing, and it won't be my last. I have fished several Bahamian islands and for the bonefish and ambiance, Knoll's Landing is tops. Rodney, the head guide, lives on the premises and his beautifully maintained 17' Silver King flats Boat is moored right off the beach. No long car rides trailering the boat to the water. You're out the door, on board, and on to fish in minutes. Rodney really knows his stuff and loves being out there. He's a great guy, very patient, and has unbelieveable vision. I've watched him spot schooling bones (not tailing or mudding) at 300 yards. No exaggeration. Diane, the owner, is a kind and wonderful host. She's always available, and wants your stay to be perfect. She's a wealth of local info and has spent most of her life on the water. Her place is beautiful and relaxing. My kids and wife love exploring the beach and snorkeling offshore. Diane and Rodney have become dear friends and I can't wait to go back. A fantastic place.

Pat Moorhead - Illinois

Recommended for: Tourists without a Car, Adventure Seekers, Families with Teenagers, Families with Young Children, Romantic Getaway & Great fishing..

Owners Response: We love This Family & look forward to there return. Pat & Steve his Fishing buddy's keep coming back for more of those Big Bonefish. They are booked again in April 2009 for more Fishing & Fun in the Sun.
Thanks to people like them it makes this world a better place to live in. Diane & Rodney


Bonefish Team from Chicago

Bonefish Season well on its way here at Knoll's Landing. We repeat Anglers from Chicago 4 strong were here in Oct. one again. Had some outstanding fishing days. Catch over 75 Bonefish in a 5 day fishing trip. (Boy can we Chicago boys fish). There were days of winds of 25 knots, but that never stopped us for a min. Fished with Rodney Miller and Bones Rahming on their wonderful 17' Flats Boat that gave us a smooth ride on the open water down to the "Joulter Cays and Bondfish World" in mins. Thanks to these two Guides for their knowladge and understanding of the Flats. We had a great fishing trip and had lots of fun. We have a another trip planned in the Spring of 2009. This is Fishing at its Best. We are the "Bonefish Team" from Chicago. Jason, Eric, Grag & Matt. Thanks to Diane for taking such good care of us here at Knoll's Landing.

Jason, Eric, Grag & Matt, Chicago


Bonefish Paradise!

Date Submitted: February 19, 2008 Date of Stay: February 2008 Our vacation at Knoll's Landing was perfect for Bonefishing. The Cottage was really just steps from the flats and beautiful clear water making the location exactly what we wanted. The property is clean and well maintained. The owner Diane Knoll and fishing guide Rodney Miller are absolutely WONDERFUL and both live on site always ready to help with everything. They make us feel like family! If you are not a fisherman (or fisherwoman) this is the place to relax-no shopping or distractions. We LOVED it and hope to go back again as soon as we can!!!

DA and Bill; J &J New Jersey/Colorado.

Recommended for: Adventure Seekers, Beach combing, Bird watching, formost the Bonefishing & the love of nature. It is important to note that it is a must to bring some food. The Grocery Shops have your every day needs and be prepared to cook most of your meals. There are some Small eating places in Nicholl's Town with fine Bahamen food.

Owners Response: Thanks for your kind words. We so enjoyed your company and had so much fun together. Rodney really enjoyed Bonefishing with the fellows out on the flats. Looking forward to your return. Kind regards, Diane and Rodney


Hi Diane and Rodney
Although it's been almost 5 years since I "discovered" Knolls Landing my memory of the wonderful experience with you is as vivid as if I were there yesterday. I was lucky enough to have Rodney all to myself for the week and we had a great time. I am pleased you included a short clip of a movie I made of my trip with Rodney catching a bonefish. You have a first class operation and you did everything I could have asked for to make me comfortable not to mention the frig full of cold Klik Gold upon my arrival. I hope to return again soon.

BL, Planet Earth


"First and foremost, the warm and loving welcome and care from Diane Knoll and our wonderful Bonefishing guide Rodney Miller, made the vacation such an easy going and delightful experience. Then, words can not describe the natural beauty of the view from Knoll's Landing, nor the mind-boggling experience of wading in knee deep crystal clear flats...Rodney pointing his rod out to a Bonefish...stalking, crouching, casting, waiting...then all hell breaks loose and for the next 15 minutes your hanging on for dear life...with the line down to the backing in seconds, only to have that happen again as soon as you get the fighting silver bullet of a fish within 20 feet...he spots you....another huge run....What an amazing sporting thrill...I've done every kind of fishing there is from stream trout fishing to big game deep sea, and my friends (Julien and Chris) who were with me agree there is nothing that compares to the total experience of catching Bonefish with a fly. To be out in water where all you see is crystal clear flats, and you can walk (very slowly mind you as they spook quite easily) for miles...the beauty is magnificent!! Back to land...the accommodations were great and just the way we wanted it. Private, no tourists, lots of local flavor, and peace and quiet with my great friends, and our fabulous hosts, Diane and Rodney. WE WILL be back on an annual basis, and the next time I'm bringing my wife and two daughters who will have a ball swimming, snorkeling on reefs, sailing, kayaking, and just taking in the gorgeous view and scenery. Obviously, I can't say enough great things about every aspect of our vacation at Knoll's Landing. I am pleased to talk with anyone who may want to inquire to share my experience. It is the ultimate Bonefishing trip!!! The three boys from CT send our thanks and warmest wishes to Diane and Rodney....see you next year!!

PM, Fairfield, Ct.


Hi Diane!  Desiree and I had a wonderful weekend and we are looking forward coming back soon!  Thanks for the great time!  Say hi to Rodney for us..."

R & D, Melbourne, Florida


"Oh Diane, your website looks wonderful, I am amazed.  Keep up the good work!"

NB, Highlands Ranch, Co.


Hi Diane, I have fished for bonefish all over the world but Knolls Landing has some of the best, 50 metres from the front door, I would catch up to 20 plus bonefish in a morning just wading up the flats from the jetty.  A great place to stay and catch lots of bonefish. Thanks

NT, Hett Village, England

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