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Air Travel To Andros via Nassau

To Arrive:

Most major airlines provide service to Nassau, Bahamas from Florida or major cities in the United States.

"WESTERN AIR" provides daily flights from Nassau to
"San Andros
International Air Port" for approximately
$60.00 one
way or $120.00 round-trip.

Flights are scheduled to depart Nassau at 4:00pm.

Reservations for Nassau: 1 - 242 - 377 - 1212
Reservations for Andros: 1 - 242 - 329 - 4000
Email:  Westernair@batelnet.bs

Book a flight to Nassau that will arrive in the early afternoon.  Flight should arrive before 2:00-3:00pm (no lights on the runway in San Andros).  Then fly with a private pilot/charter or take the Western Air (1-242-329-4000) flight into San Andros $60. It leaves Nassau at 4:00 PM, but you need to check in 1 hour prior to departure. You will take a taxi over to General Aviation. I will contact the  taxi service ahead of time for you and they will meet you at the airport on your arrival and take you to us here at Knoll's Landing.

"Allen" taxi driver- Van - cellular telephone: 1 - 242 - 357 - 2876
"Gandy" taxi driver - Car- cellular telephone: 1 -  242 - 464 - 3151


To Leave:

Coordinate and fly out with the private charter service ( I can contact them ) or fly the Western Air flight out of San Andros Airport into Nassau to connect with your flight out of Nassau.

Western Air Departs from San Andros International Airport to Nassau at 6:30 am and 4:00 pm daily.

You should be at the San Andros airport 30 minutes prior to departure time for the private charter service or 1 hour prior to departure for Western Air. Your departure time home from Nassau should not be before 9:30 am, as you need time to go through customs ( 1-2 hours ).  It is best not to have a departure time too late from Nassau, as it can get really long sitting in the Nassau airport waiting for a flight!

Private Charter from Nassau to San Andros

Glen Pratt (Private Charter Service)
Cellular: 1-242-471-1860
Home 1-242-361-4078 evenings
E-mail: glenpratt544@hotmail.com

I will be happy to make all arrangements with charter flights and pick-up from San Andros Airport to Knoll's Landing.

We do have some small markets for food & beer "Kalik" and "Sands" is the Bahamian beer.

The taxi driver will be happy to stop at the store for you on your way out to us.

You might want to bring a small cooler with a few special things you like.

We do have available for your use a 2-man kayak & 3 bicycles. 

If you are wanting to go bonefishing or diving with our guide Rodney Miller "Andros Angler" I will need to book him in advance.

Kind regards,

Diane Knoll

Diane Knoll, Owner/Operator
Knoll's Landing Bonefishing and Family Hide-Away
Pleasant Harbor, Andros Island, Bahamas
Country Code (242) 329-2039

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